Amazing ways to fix HP Printer error code- E1, E2, and E3

Hewlett Packard has made an impact on the hearts of the millions with its outstanding products and their design. But, the printer is an eminent product among the others which has changed the definition of the printer. It has one of the stylish design models; size is compact; prints faster; affordable; hardware of it is remarkable; portable; and much more. It gets compatible with all the devices and platforms smoothly. All the models are available in wired as well as in wireless connections. Often, there are instances when the user shared their shortcomings associated with it.  Some of the HP Printer error codes are E1, E2, and E3 while handling the printer for their purposes.

The problems might look simple, yet it needs to get resolved at the earliest to get the best results. The reason behind the problems to arise on your computer screen is when there is a poor internet connection, low ink levels in the ink cartridges, paper quality or size doesn’t match with the required one; outdated printer driver; and much more. These technical glitches might hamper the users work for a long time, as they will no longer be able to print their documents smoothly or easily.

Some of the error codes of HP Printer alongwith the steps to resolve it 

E1 – While commanding print from Smartphone

It is referred to as the common issue which the user gets while trying to use USB to connect their printer with the laptops; when the paper size doesn’t match with the required size of the paper; printer screen is making unwanted changes in the paper size; and much more.

To fix the problem:

  • You need to check on the internet connection.
  • Make sure you are using the proper paper size and quality.
  • Check whether the ink cartridges get compatible with your printer or not.

E2- When the paper length doesn’t match up with the length of the loaded paper

It counts as one of the common issues which the user gets while attempting to print their documents or files. The main reason behind the problem to arise is due to weak network connection, low ink levels in the ink cartridges, expired printer driver, and much more.

To fix the issue:

  • Try to cancel all the printing jobs, if you have commanded.
  • Look at the printer settings done properly or not.
  • Try to uninstall the printer driver from the system.

E3- When the ink cartridges get installed in the printer

It is one of the familiar issues which the user gets while commanding for print. The main reason for the occurrences is due to the ink cartridges get blockage or the cartridges get jam inside the printer.  Apart from that, there is a poor internet connection and the empty ink cartridges.

To fix the issue:

  • You need to check whether there is any paper jam issue or not.
  • Remove the empty ink cartridges from the printer.
  • You need to connect the printer with the power cord.

We hope that the steps listed above have helped you in resolving the problem immediately as you have expected it to work for you. In case you are unable to fix the problem instantly, or you have other similar issues for which you need help, then you need to contact the technicians at HP Customer Service to get immediate solution of your issues.

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