Eliminate HP Printer Pad issues with simple steps

One of the primary reasons for using a printer is to ease and fast your work while printing, copying, and scanning. So, before planning for purchasing any printer, you need to keep certain things in the mind like price, portability, size, hardware, and many more. Going through the mentioned points, HP Printer name strikes our mind. It has one of the mind-boggling features and tremendous speed through which it has become the foremost high-quality printing system ads compared to its competitors in the market. The models of it are polished and intact with the latest technology. Moreover, it is available in wired as well as in wireless connection. It is always recommended to buy or use the genuine products of Hewlett Packard. If you have any queries on HP Printer models, you need to contact the technicians at HP Printer Assistant to get all your doubts clarified in the blink of an eye. There are multiple occasions when the user shared their discontentment while handling the printer for printing purposes. HP Printer Pad issues are listed one among the technical issues, which the user stumble upon while printing purposes.

These technical glitches might hold back the user work for a long period of time, as they won’t be able to use their printer. The bug occurs when the user tries to feed more than one paper on the paper tray while printing. Other than that, there might be an issue with the printer separation pad wiped out while repeating the page feed problem. Looking at the problem it might seem to be severe and urges the user to have proper attention on the issue and search for correct steps. As it might bother you in the near future with more glitches.

Are you encountering the same issue on your screen? Yes! Then have a glance at this below blog to get a vivid idea about the same issue.

Easy steps to fix HP Printer Pad issues

Below, we have tried our best to provide you with the correct steps-

Try to replace the printer’s separation pad 

  • Attempt to detach the separation pad after removing the printer from the power cord.
  • You need to try to detach the input trays and seek for the blue separation pad.
  • Look for removing the spring-loaded base with the correct steps to finish it.
  • You need to open and push the spring-loaded base down and try to pull up the separation pad.
  • Try to set the new separation pad into the slot after looking at the input tray opening.
  • You need to attempt to push the spring-loaded base down.
  • Try to remove both the sides of the separation pad into the right place.
  • You need to attempt to reinstall the pickup roller, print cartridge and input trays.
  • Attempt to plug the power cord of the printer to switch it on again.

Try to eradicate the printer pickup roller from inside 

  • Try to remove the printer pickup roller with the damp soft cloth in water to scrub the roller swiftly.
  • Attempt to wipe out the roller to clean the dirt.
  • You need to try to put the pickup roller to dry before you again reinstall it on your printer.

We hope that the steps enlisted above have assisted you properly in resolving the problem as per your expectation. In case you are unable to fix the problem manually or you wish to Fix Error 79 in HP Printer for which you need help, then you need to contact the professional technicians to obtain the proper solution of your issues in the nick of a time.

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