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Hewlett Packard or HP is considered to be one of the top-notch brands that offer a wide range of electronic products, including printers, laptops, computers, and scanners. Almost all its products are of high-quality, and they are jam-packed with some of the most user-friendly features. Believe it or not, it is used by the millions of the users across the globe. In fact, in case, the user gets stuck with issues related to any of the HP Products, the company has opened the 24*7 toll-free helpline number of HP Customer Service for them so that they can avail an immediate help.  You can quickly dial the HP customer care number to take support for all technical problems and issues. If you are facing HP Printer Error State then you can read our another page to resolve it.

1. HP Printer Problems and Troubleshooting Guide 

Amongst all the products launched by Hewlett Packard, it is their printers which are considered to be the best. Packed up with multi-function feature and used for various purposes, HP Printers are surely the best choice. However, being an electronic device, we cannot deny that the printer is also home to various technical glitches. At times, HP Printer not printing anything properly bothers the users quite badly. No matter how much you try, there are chances that you will get stuck with some of the most common HP Printer problems. And so, it is important for you to take some quick assistance from the professionals. However, if you want are looking for HP Printer troubleshooting, don’t forget to dial the HP Printer support phone number. The phone number immediately connects you to the professionals who are available for you round the clock to provide you an instant help to fix HP. Meanwhile, we have also come up with some of the best possible problems and solutions for HP Printers.

  •  HP Printer Setup 

HP Printer is considered to be one of the most sorted and reliable devices for the users who prefer excellent quality printing and remarkable production of documents. But, often users face HP Printer, not working issues. There are times when they cannot perform HP Printer setup without CD. Hence the user can perform HP Printer repair steps for setting up the device by taking the help of Hewlett Packard Printer customer service. To set it up, the user needs to uninstall the printer software, and then reinstall the latest driver. After this is done, they need to restart the whole device again. This would lead the user to set up their device and troubleshoot the HP Printer not working issue.

  •  How to Connect HP Printer to Laptop, Computer or Wi-Fi? 

If the user has any uncertainties on how to connect HP printer to the laptop (with USB, wireless, through Wi-Fi, without CD) then they can follow the prompt instructions while they installation process given on the manual. In the manual, you will be easily got to know to connect the printer to a PC or Wi-Fi by changing the settings to the default state. HP printer not connecting to computer difficulty can also be avoided by making one system as a host and letting the other system share the connectivity. Thus, by making one system as host, the printing task is achieved easily and quickly without any interruption in the procedure.

  •  My HP Printer not Printing Anything Properly: How to Fix? 

Yes, HP Printers are durable and strong, but there are times when the user faces an HP printer, not printing problems. The printer produces printouts, which are either blank or not aligned. Hence, HP wireless printer not printing anything condition can be subjugated by simply updating and reinstalling the print driver. It should be noted that the printer should always use genuine HP cartridge when HP Printer does not print good quality prints. The user should also verify that the ink bottles are filled up to the level of the mark, and also that the user cleans the print head on an occasional basis. These simple troubleshooting methods can avoid the problem where HP printer not printing properly issue arises.

  •  HP Printhead Error: How to Clean and Fix the Problem? 

HP Printer is the leading device, which has conquered the market from the time it has been established. As durable and reliable it is, there have been times when the user encountered the HP printhead errors. The chances are that this issue arises because the print head has been clogged by dried ink, or it hasn’t been cleaned up for a very long time. Hence, to solve HP printer print head problems, the user can go to the option stating Control Panel – Device service -Clean Printhead. This can even solve the issue where HP printer prints black or blank pages. Thus, if the user still faces this issue, then the only solution is to replace the print head device.

  •  Major HP Printer Error Codes 

HP print head errors are common amongst the HP Printer device. These HP Printer error messages arise for the user to inform them about the trouble the device is facing, and for them to solve the same. Different HP Printer models have different steps for HP Printer troubleshooting. Therefore, to solve any error codes, the user needs to manually clean the print head or simply replace it. HP Printer error 79 is the most common print head error. It jams the paper and degrades the quality of the device. Thus, the user can solve the issue in HP Printer where the device is in error state by simply following the instructions prompt installing the new print head. Also, you need to fix the HP Printer paper jam and spooler error by taking the professional help of the experts at the HP Printer technical support number

2. Fix and Repair Common HP Laptop Problems 

When you notice that HP Laptop won’t turn on or its battery is not charging, it becomes necessary for you to take an instant help of the professionals at HP Phone Number.  Once you contact HP support, they will quickly guide you in resolving HP laptop slow or frozen issues. Meanwhile, here we have come up with some of the basic troubleshooting tips to fix all types of issues associated with the HP Laptops. Moreover, the HP laptop overheating and shutting down issues will also be fixed here. You just have to follow the tips and you will able to repair HP laptops.

  •  HP Laptop Won’t Turn On 

The users would surely agree to the fact that HP Printer is a secure and everlasting device; however, the power issues can recur anytime. When HP Printer doesn’t turn on, and all the lights of the device have been turned off then chances are that the error is in the power supply. To solve the HP Laptop startup problem of the user needs to disconnect the power supply for some time and plug it back on. This would refresh the system and solve the issue where HP Laptop won’t turn on. The user can also unplug the USB cable to avoid the issue. And, eventually, it will fix the problem of HP laptop won’t turn on even when plugged in.

  •  HP Battery not Charging 

HP laptop not working and the user gives up on the troubleshooting of the issue, especially because HP battery does not charge, then you need to check the AC power supply. In scenarios where the HP laptop plugged in not charging windows 10, fix it up by running a hardware test and diagnose the issue which persists the device. The user can also eliminate the notebook battery and verify the contact points to be sure of the fact that it is not damaged. If still, the issue remains the way it is an HP Pavilion dv6 battery not charging, then it is time for the user to replace the battery of the system.

  •  HP Laptop Overheating 

One of the most witnessed issues with the HP laptop overheating and shutting down. Overheating of a system can cause many problems. To fix this issue the user needs to find the heat source and check for the air flow. For this, you are supposed to know how to clean HP laptop fan. There are two vents in the system. The outflow vents are gusting out hot air and the intake vents are permitting the air to get in. Thus, for HP laptop overheating fix the user needs to lighten the load and look for the behavioral changes. They can try to clean the fan (It can be done with or without compressed air, vacuum and opening the vents). If the issue doesn’t seem to go then the user needs to change the battery of the system.

  •  HP Laptop Slow or Frozen 

Like any other system, HP laptop slow performance is quite common, particularly when it is old. HP Laptop freezing and crashing issue can be solved easily the way it acquires the functioning of the system. To solve the HP laptop slow issue, the user can update the platform and clean the hard drive memory. The user can also download and install the desired antivirus to get over the situations where HP laptop hangs itself.  Thus, if the user needs to know the exact issue then they can run a diagnostic test and clean up the disk files. These troubleshooting methods can eliminate the issue where the system crashes and freezes itself.

3. Troubleshooting HP Tablet and HP Driver Problems and Issues 

When you are facing HP tablet and driver problems, make sure that you have taken the help of the professionals. You can repair the HP tablet by taking their assistance. Also, you are supposed to know that if you have the manual, you can follow the HP Printer driver installation and setup. Just in case, if you can get stuck with any HP problems, feel free to connect with the experts who are always available for you to provide you an immediate help. In fact, if your HP tablet is not working properly, you just reset or reboot it completely. In most cases, the problems will get resolved. However, if it doesn’t get fixed, you need to contact Hewlett Packard customer support.

4. Contact HP Customer Care Number services and Help Support 

Providing the users with the best manufacturing products and devices, HP is considered to be one of the leading companies in the world. The devices are reliable and secure to use, and it has granted its consumer with various features and benefits. But often user faces issues in it functioning. They encounter with HP Printer issues. To solve the same, the user can contact the helpline number of HP Customer Service. The professionals would guide the user with the troubleshooting steps and methods to fix the same.

  •  Hewlett Packard Support Number 

If the user is facing issues in the operating system of the device, then they have the authority to contact HP Phone Number. To contact the services the user can dial the under the stated number.

HP business products: 1-800-888-9909

Hewlett Packard Printer Support Number: 1-800-752-0900

HP Laptop Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-752-0900

Hewlett Packard Remote Helpline Number: 1-888-999-4747

HP Customer Support Help Desk: 1-877-426-3777

  •  HP Chat Support 

You can also connect with the HP customer support team by using their chat support service. And, the official way to connect with them is by visiting their website. To help you out, we have mentioned the links below:

Contact HP @

  •  HP Printer Customer Care Number 

Either it is HP Printer which is needed to be fixed or any other related device; the user can contact the customer service centre of HP. The 24*7 service number is for the users who wish to get a detailed version of the solution. They can even mail there issue on their official email ID or contact details by visiting the verified link mentioned-below:

Official HP Website Link:

  •  The Official HP Customer Support Contact Address 

Worldwide Corporate Headquarters

Hewlett-Packard Company

3000 Hanover St.

Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185

Or, you can directly avail an alternative Mailing Address of HP Customer Support:


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