Steps for Troubleshooting HP Printer Service Error Code 49

Steps for Troubleshooting HP Printer Service Error Code 49

HP is one of the most popular brands for printers which provide the users with reliable and stable printing. But, there are times when the user encounters HP printer problems. Error 49 is one of these issues which is faced by users at the time of its functioning.

Therefore, to solve it, the user can follow these steps and instructions to solve it. Some troubleshooting steps involved in the process are mentioned below.

Why Does Error Code 49 Occur?

HP Printer 49 service error arises when the printer tries to perform an action that the firmware is not capable of performing. This includes things like:

  • Printing folders that have unsupported print commands
  • Indulging with a third-party solution that is not designed to operate with the printer
  • Timing, traffic or processing of certain jobs in a particular environment

Steps Involved in Fixing HP Printer

For HP Printer troubleshooting the user needs to follow certain steps. The steps involved in the procedure are:

  • The user needs to first turn off the printer and then turn it back on.
  • If the user still experiences this issue then print an event log to see that how frequent the error occurs.
  • If the user is experiencing this error more than once a week then the user needs to enable the auto recovery using control panel option or EMS
  • The user needs to open the following options
  • Administration- Management
  • Settings- General
  • Now, choose the auto recovery option
  • Choose enabled and then select save

Alternative Troubleshooting

  • If the user is not able to eradicate HP 49 service error then there are chances that they are facing issues with a corrupt driver. To solve this issue then the user can follow these following steps:
  • Go to the HP Printer’s official website and find the right driver for and the model number of the printer
  • Now download and install the driver. The user has to restart the system after installing the new driver.
  • Tap on start – type update in the search bar. A list of result would appear. Choose “all programs” from the menu. Now, tap update and tap for “check for updates”. The user has to select the updates they want to install on the Windows.
  • The user needs to choose “view available updates” and then tap on the option stating install.


These are some of the ways by which the user can fix HP Printer error 49, HP error 49, can also be eliminated by contacting the helpline number of HP support. If the user needs a detailed guidance, then HP customer care is where they should be contacting. The professionals would guide the user on how to solve the issue and provide with accurate instructions.

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