Steps to Fix HP Printer In Error State

HP Printer Error State in Windows 1 0  & Mac : Troubleshooting Steps to Fix It

The notion of the popularity of the HP printer has been expanding into the world of printers since it has manufactured. HP printer is, however, associated with several issues, one of the most prevalent issues is HP printer error state that many of its users are encountering while trying to print documents out of the printer.

If you are encountering, indeed, such an issue of HP printer error state while printing, you must follow our provided troubleshooting steps down below and get this HP printer in an error state fixed. We have been provided troubleshooting steps for both Windows 10 and Mac users. So let us sneak at them. Wait! Before that, you must understand the reasons behind the issue.

Possible Reasons for HP Printer in Error State Issue

  • The most prevalent reason would be when your printer has been disconnected from your system – or loosely connected that you might not be aware of because of the hectic busy scheduled.
  • The issue could be taking on in causing the issue of HP printer in error state is due to the problem of the system’s operating system – or USB and Bluetooth connection.
  • The issue of causing HP printer error state could be happened due to the printer driver is corrupted.

Steps to Fix the Issue of HP Printer Error State in Windows 10

HP Printer Error State in Windows 10

1. Check the Connection and Restart

You must perform some simple technique, once your printer is in an error state. You can look after the connection that is being made between your printer and computer is properly connected. Furthermore, restart both the printer and computer and check if the issue of HP printer in error state Windows 10 is gone.

2. Update or Reinstall the Printer Driver

The issue of the HP printer error state could be a result of the faulty or incompatibles of the printer driver. For this, one of the most credible ways to fix it is by updating the printer driver. In case, you are unable to update your driver on your own – or no idea how to update the driver, you must uninstall the current printer driver and move to the HP official website to download the updated version of the printer driver and install it again into your system.

3. Make Sure the Paper is Loaded

Try loading paper on the printer tray sufficiently, so that the issue of HP printer error state can be avoided. After that, turn off your printer and turn it back on, and check if the issue is gone permanently.

4. Update Your Operating System

If in case, any of the above steps did not work, the possible assumption would be the issue in the operating system. So you must update your Windows OS to avoid such discrepancies.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix HP Printer Error State in Mac

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error State in Mac

If you are Mac user and getting the issue of HP printer in error state, you must try adopting to follow the steps carefully.

1. Check the Connectivity This is the foremost thing you must do. Follow the below steps to ensure that, the printer is connected to the PC.

2. USB Printer Connectivity

  • Turn off your printer first and unplug the USB cable connected in the back of the device.
  • Turn on the printer, it might begin printing queued documents. Hence, wait to complete the process.
  • Next, turn it off again, plug the USB cord, and switch on the printer.
  • Try printing a document again.

3. Wireless Printer Connectivity

  • Turn off and on the printer first.
  • If in case, the connection does not happen after restarting the printer, try the same for the router. To restart the router, unplug it from the power source and wait for a while.
  • Next, reconnect the router to the power socket and wait for it to connect the internet.
  • Reboot your PC. Once it restarts, click the Apple icon, and select system preferences.
  • Click on the Printers & Scanners to open the list of printers installed on Mac.
  • If you have made the connection issue done and still getting the issue of the HP printer error state, you must follow the below steps further.

4. Repair Disk Permissions

First, you will require a download Mac cleanup app from its official website. As cleanup app will scan your system to verify disk permissions and automatically repair permissions that are found to be faulty. Try following the steps down below to run the app.

  • Open your browser and download the cleanup app from the official website.
  • Hit on Maintenance from the left sidebar menu.
  • Check the box, which is next to Repair Disk Permissions.
  • Hit the Run button down below.

5. Reset the Printing System

To do this,

  • Hit the Apple icon at the top left corner and then click the System Preferences.
  • Click on Printers & Scanners.
  • Right-click on the left white side panel, then click Reset printing system.
  • Hit the OK button to confirm the reset of your entire printing system.

6. Clear the Current Print Queue

You need to remove the print queue from the list and add it back to create a fresh printing session on Mac. Follow the steps down below to do that:

  • Hit the Apple icon and click the System Preferences.
  • Hit on the Printer & Scanners.
  • Add the printer back on to the list by click on the + button.
  • Select the printer from a list, and hit on the Add button.
  • Click on Use
  • Select the available printer or the Airprint.
  • Once it appears as Idle in the printers list, try printing.

After following all the troubleshooting steps, your issue of the HP printer in an error state will be resolved easily and effectively.  If you go along with the above steps carefully, you will not be further getting any issue regarding your printer and will have your printer in printing efficiently.

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